Understanding justice-can anyone help?

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In a climate where everyone knows.
In a world where it seems that you can be an expert in everything.
In a media mad frenetic existence where their rule is righteous indignation to questions opposed to theirs, is it any wonder that the truth is obscured.

My comment is simple and humble.
My questions direct and delivered without an agenda,or a deadline scoop or breaking news or narcissitic favour….But why would any decent professional respecting listener not ask Why?

Why is there such apparent stubborness to simply let an issue lie down?

Has anyone never felt an injustice in their lives?
Has that injustice festered, when possibly mistakenly, the injustice has not been resolved and found in their favour?
And finally, and tellingly, would you not still want to defend your belief in that wrong and continue to support whoever is wronged?

This is a parody and a lesson for many in the current sporting complexion masquerading as some kind of mission for right and wrong.

The debate goes to the heart of a human beings basic instinct to right a wrong even if the world is against them.

In the words of Nelson Mandela ‘before you can change the world you must change yourself’

Perhaps we should all heed this in our own worlds!


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